Founded in 2009, Musa is an open-air living museum located in a segment of the Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve, a primeval forest in the city of Manaus. In 2002, the same area saw the creation of an in situ botanical garden that, to this day, continues to grow and surprise.

Its trails, crossing the dense fabric of trees, palm trees, and vines, are illuminated by lights and shadows that reveal a stunning diversity of green shades that hide insects, birds, and pollinators.

Researchers from the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) who have been studying the Ducke Reserve’s ecosystems, fauna, and flora for over 60 years have deciphered many of its secrets, recording them in catalogs, articles, and manuals. The Musa Botanical Garden is committed to divulging these secrets to the public in general, turning knowledge into a leverage for the conservation and appreciation of the heritage nature has bequeathed to us by allowing visitors to see live plants, birds, insects, flowers, and pollinators in their natural habitat.

The Musa Botanical Garden is equipped with towers for the observation of the forest from different heights, exhibition tents, and pavilions where the themes that are dear to our past and present indigenous culture are revealed and celebrated. In carefully prepared experimental labs, inquisitive visitors are able to see a magnified micro world.

Musa is also an imaginary museum, as it offers voyagers, attentive visitors, an opportunity to tread the same enchanted paths as the forest characters that seek to be discovered, seen, so they may exist in the museum. “Characters in search of an observer.”