A new cultural space

Right across from the Amazonas Theatre, at the São Sebastião Plaza, Musa has adapted a spacious warehouse to hold exhibitions, conferences, and recitals.

A space dedicated to debating and popularizing the science, the arts and culture, the memory, and the history of the Amazon.

A warehouse where the public of the city is introduced to a sample of the amazing installations and memorable exhibitions visitors find as they explore the different trails and tents at the Musa Botanical Garden.

The first exhibition, which is currently in display, is a tribute to the celebrated desana artist Feliciano Lana.

Feliciano Pimentel Lana (Kenhiporã, “a child of the drawings of dreams”) was born in 1937 in São João Batista, a village located along the Tiquié River. His father, Manuel Lana, was a desana, and his mother, Paulina Pimentel, a tukano. He has worked as a mechanic, a farmer, and a rubber latex extractor. In the 1960s, he met writer Márcio Souza, anthropologist Berta Ribeiro, from the National Museum, and Father Casimiro Bécksta, having cooperated intensively with them in order to record and illustrate the myths and narratives of the indigenous cultures of the Negro River.

Musa do Largo location