The Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve is one of the few urban primeval forests in the world. Walking on these forest […]

Orchids and bromeliads

Our Nora Benchimol Minev Orchid and Bromeliad House was thus named to pay tribute to the encouragement and kindliness shown […]


The Araceae trail is a place for people who appreciate nature. Wooden benches placed along the 38-yard path allow visitors to […]

Palm trees

Açaí palms, tucumãs, bacabas, peach-palms… every Amazonian appreciates the value of a palm tree. A year-round source of food, their […]


Inaugurated in October 2011, the Fern garden introduces the public to several species of Amazonian ferns. Ferns are plants that have […]

Victoria amazonica lake

The famous Victoria amazonica, once known as Victoria regia after Queen Victoria from England, may be viewed at the Musa Lake. […]

Sensory garden

But what good is it for you to know botany? (from a short story by Machado de Assis) Astonishing as […]