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Department of Archaeology and Ethnology

Since 2016, Musa has played an increasingly present role in Amazonian archaeological research, continuing its profound commitment to long-standing Indigenous history.

With the goal of serving society’s educational, scientific, and cultural development, the institution – which participates in several research projects in the region – has been forming an important archaeological collection accessible to the scientific community and the general public.

At the same time, Musa has set up laboratorial structures, technical reserves and exhibition areas, aiming to become a benchmark institution in the research, storage, conservation, and promotion of Amazonian archaeological heritage.

Musa’s collection reflects the cultural and natural heritage of its originating communities. For this reason, activities involving traditional communities or their heritage are conducted in agreement with and based on the desires of those communities, with the utmost respect for human dignity and cultural traditions. For this reason, collections are used to promote well-being, social development, and the defense of multi-social, multicultural, and multilinguistic expression. In the same context, Musa promotes the sharing of knowledge, collections, and documents with other museums and cultural organizations in the areas where this heritage originated, seeking to explore potential partnerships with the communities involved with the material culture.