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Frogs, fish, and moss

Life between land and water at the Ducke Reserve

Imagine living in two worlds. Getting out of the water to walk on land. Relearning how to walk, how to communicate, and how to breathe. Radically transforming yourself. These are the challenges faced daily by plants and animals in the Amazon. Throughout this long evolution path, these beings develop ingenious survival strategies. These are frogs that carry their young on their back, fish that breathe outside the water, and dry plants that come back to life at the littlest sign of water, as if by magic.

The Frogs, fish, and moss exhibition reveals the adventures of animals and plants at the Ducke Forest Reserve in their journey between water and land. In this exhibit, visitors can find explanatory panels, aquariums, a terrarium, replicas of muiraquitãs, the Cururu game, and the bryophyte tangram. The visit concludes with a walk along the Frogs Trail, which passes by ten places related to the lives of these animals.