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Musa friends

Dear sympathizers of Musa

The Museum of the Amazon – Musa – is a non-profit private association of public interest, which depends on resources from sponsors, income from tickets and various donations.

In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, with the gates closed and no visitors, we launched the tree adoption campaign – Amicus flora – in which we invited forest friends to adopt a tree. Very prestigious, the adoption spread the solidarity spirit of sympathizers and friends, and showed that there are many who reveal solidarity with the trees and the Musa.

With renewed enthusiasm for this manifestation of support, we make an open invitation to nature lovers to become friends with Musa – individually or as a company – and make a donation, which will be applied to the creation and maintenance of vivariums, houses, pavilions and spaces dedicated to fauna, flora, fungi and culture.

With our deepest gratitude for your attention, we are counting on your support.


Ennio Candotti
Director of Musa

The steps to becoming a Friend of Musa are:

1. Make a bank deposit to:
Museu da Amazônia
CNPJ 10.795.098/0001-74
Banco do Brasil – Agência 3053-8 – Conta-corrente 37300-1
Or PIX: 10795098000174
Or Swift code for payments made abroad: BRASBRRJBHE

2. Send your contribution receipt to and wait for an answer.

3. For the next two years, a large panel placed at the entrance of the Musa Botanical Garden will display the donors’ names or the names and logos of the donating companies.