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The Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve is one of the few urban primeval forests in the world. Walking on these forest trails is an invitation to see and ear the stunning diversity of birds and insects, leaves and vines reaching for the sun… to perceive the scents, the fragrance of resins, of live and decomposing wood, lights and shadows.

Seven trails with a total length of 5 km, classified as light and easy, cross the 100 hectares (1 km2) of this forest reserve.

If the trees and insects were books, we would be going through the shelves in a library. Pages that recount stories that go back ten thousand years, revealing millions of years of adaptations. Enough time for nature to hide in them secrets that fascinate us, and that we wish to decipher.

As we walk through the forest, all of us are a bit Indians, botanists or ecologists. Enchanted, we want to enchant, to perceive and to be perceived.

Be careful not to lose yourself during this hike. References get confused, where do I come from? Where am I going? A tail tells us of a visitor who brought along a large coil of yarn, which he unwound as he walked; it was easy for him to find his way back, as all he had to do was pull in the yarn. Another visitor opted instead to be escorted by an experienced monitor…

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